Balance Mountain Day Spa Olinda

Balance Mountain Day Spa Olinda is 3 mins away from Arnica Views, Free parking.

​Relax in the beautiful surrounds and tranquility of Olinda and the Dandenong Ranges. 
A beautiful 1hr drive from Melbourne, discover the most wonderful place to unwind, 
Balance Mountain Day Spa Olinda, in the heart of the Dandenongs.

Elle Naturale Olinda

Elle Naturale Olinda is 3.7km away from Arnica Views.

Massage - Day Spa - Facials - Reflexology - Pampering Treatments in the Olinda Dandenong Ranges
Whether you live locally or are visiting our beautiful Dandenong Ranges, this is where to come to unwind and relax muscles and minds… We care about the experience you’re looking for and we use the great energy here (and our knowledge) to make your ‘time-out’ matter.

1000 Steps Walking Track / Kokoda Memorial Trail

Kokoda Memorial Trail is 22km away from Arnica Views.

The 1000 Steps / Kokoda Memorial track was built in the early 1900s, as a memorial and reminder of the famous Thousand Steps track in Papua New Guinea, location of the World War 2 battle in 1942.

The Thousand Steps-Kokoda memorial walk is the busiest hike in the Dandenong Ranges. It is a stunning walk, steep, narrow and not quite 1000 steps. Many people use the track as a fitness challenge but it deserves respect, this is an important memorial and the signage along the way is well worth pausing to read.

Burkes Lookout, Mount Dandenong

Burkes Lookout is 1km away from Arnica Views.

The views over Melbourne and the Bay from Burke’s Lookout in the Dandenong Ranges are gorgeous, it is a top viewpoint Mt Dandenong, but it does involve a short walk or even a long walk if you choose to take your time and spend a day in the Dandenongs exploring some beautiful walking tracks. The other nearby viewpoint to visit is Skyhigh, Mt Dandenong.

The area at Burkes Lookout is not set up for groups, no seats, picnic tables, or even a flat area to sit, visitors need to walk along Kyeema Track to reach the best viewpoint. To make your visit into a good hike in the Dandenongs, read about how to get here via the Fire Trail / Glasgow Track, the steepest and hardest climb in the Dandenong Ranges National Park.

Sherbrooke Falls Walking Track

Sherbrooke Falls Walking Track is 9km away from Arnica Views.

Sherbrooke Falls, one of the most popular bushwalks in the Dandenong Ranges and one of the closest waterfalls to Melbourne. The falls are not huge (more of a cascade or trickle in the summer months) and are best seen after heavy rains, it is the ‘journey, not just the destination’. The walk is very pretty and easy to hike, involving some steps when crossing over the bridge by the falls. The Sherbrooke Forest is quite a large area with a number of access points.

A number of tracks intersect the Sherbrooke Falls trail, making it possible to walk for miles. It is even possible to walk the 1000 Steps then continue across to Sherbrooke, using public transport is a good way to do this extended hike and it would make for a fantastic day out.